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Tech Trends 2015: IT Worker of the Future

Judy Pennington, principal, Deloitte Consulting LLP, explains how to overcome the scarcity of IT talent, companies will likely need to cultivate a new species of IT worker with different habits, incentives, and skills. http://dupress.com/articles/tech-trends-2015-it-worker-of-the-future/

Tech trends for Libraries in 2016

Tech trends for Libraries in 2016. Author: David King, Digital Services Director Download: http://adf.ly/1eSPB2 Technology has changed the face of libraries, and is continuing to change how we work and how we deliver services to customers. This workshop introduces emerging… Continue Reading →

Tech Trends: Top Tech Trends of 2013

Avnet CIO Steve Phillips shares the top enterprise technology trends Avnet will be focused on in 2013, including IT security, predictive analytics or "Big Data", and bring your own device or "BYOD". Tech Trends is a series of brief videos… Continue Reading →

Technology Vision 2014 Overview: Six Trends Innovating IT Growth

Six technology trends shaping the business landscape in 2014. To learn more, please visit: http://www.accenture.com/technologyvision

Technology Vision 2016 – Technology Trends and Innovation

The Accenture Technology Vision 2016 identifies five technology trends that are essential to business success in the digital economy. Discover more at: www.accenture.com/technologyvision

Top 5 Tech Trends to Watch in 2016

I think there are a few trends in tech that are going to progress a lot in 2016, and I go over my top 5. What types of new technology will we see, and which ones will be improved? I'm… Continue Reading →

Top 6 Tech Trends to Watch: 2017

2017 is almost here, and so is the new tech! 1 Like = 1 Die More Tech Discussions ▶ https://goo.gl/ixV7dG Subscribe Here ▶ https://goo.gl/1TuHyY With the new year so close, it's fun to think about what awesome new technology we'll… Continue Reading →

2013 Tech Trends The Business of IT

When it comes to supporting business performance, IT has a thirty-plus-year record of delivering what's needed. First it was the transition from manual processes to technology-driven solutions. Then, from standalone systems to integrated offerings. And now, IT is striving for… Continue Reading →

Emerging trends in information technology

Emerging trends in information technology-Introduction to Information Technology is designed for students who are already familiar with Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. The course will focus on emerging technology trends and topics in technology and advanced features of application software that… Continue Reading →

Drink Water App Is App Of The Week On Tech Trends

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